Being a petite human, it's difficult to find any maxi dresses that fit my height perfectly. The struggle is so real guys... But when I got this Splendour Dress from Seven Wonders, I felt like all the Gods have been answering my prayers because I didn't have to wear any extravagant tall heels with this baby. #blessed.

When wandering around the streets of New York, you want your feet to be as comfortable as possible and I can't stress this enough. I remember the first time I went to New York a few years ago, I made the horrible decision to wear some tall booties when adventuring around the city. Let me tell you, never ending blisters. Learn from my mistakes guys. 
If you ever need to wear some fancy shoes to an event or just another bar outing, place those babies in your purse and wear your sneakers until you get to your destination. My Maya Hobo purse from Fossil saved my life on my recent New York trip. It was the perfect size to fit my booties in, along with my camera and the perfect pop of color to go with my outfit. 

Before I headed for another day out on the town, I threw on my sunnies from Modern Gypsy and then I was finally ready to strut around the city like it was my runway. 





I know a lot of people aren't a big fan of public transportation but honestly, I love it.
I don't know if that considers me weird but, I love plugging in my headphones and listening to some calming tunes and people watching. Moving out to LA, I didn't have a car so I would rely on taking the bus to work almost everyday or just walk to my internship. It was the only time where I could really have some quality, peaceful alone time with myself without the hassle of getting frustrated with traffic. One thing that I am obsessed about with New York is the subway transportation! Go down one street and there's about 3 subway stations that could take you all around the city. 
 Don't get me wrong, it does get a little annoying when you get on the wrong subway... which happened to us when we were trying to get to the Upper East Side but we made the most out of the experience- AKA a chance to dance a little and take some rad photos in my Saran Dress from K.S Garner!


>> photos by @dancingwithflyingcolors <<



Another trip to New York, another longing moment to stay forever. I don't know if the city air is filled with a secret potion but every time I make a trip out there, I NEVER want to come back to LA. 
Taking another red eye out to the east coast, I couldn't even sleep on the plane because I was so excited to land and get ready to explore! We stayed in the Lower East Side this time and I immediately fell in love with the area. There's just so much character and colorful vibes in this part of the city... And not to mention super mellow, not as crazy and tourist filled.

Despite it being around 30 degrees (freezing my ass off) we stumbled upon this chic AF basketball court while walking to Soho. Nothing screamed the beauty in New York like this location. I felt like such a badass running around the court in my Seven Wonders Magnolia Kimono and Shorts, Death Metal Sunnies from Modern Gypsy and rad rings from
Forget the basketball court, I was feeling CHIC AF. If I could roam around the streets of New York in this outfit, with the cold weather, I knew I could take on the city like a pro. 


>> photos by @dancingwithflyingcolors <<



I swear in another life, I was a 90's surf dad as weird as that sounds. With my obsession with printed button up shirts, vintage sunglasses and rolled up jeans, I'm known as the "surf dude" or "tropical babe" to all my friends and I am totally fine with that! If I could live in my car and take road trips along the coast, my life would be absolutely fantastic. I mean I never comb my hair... After I wash it, I just put a little anti-frizz serum in it and just let my crazy hair flow! If that doesn't scream surfer or beach bum to you then I don't know what does. 
Lately I've been neglecting the ocean because of my busy schedule and let me tell you, I will never do that again. I've never felt so off balanced. My life is the ocean, the drives along the coast and not to mention... those printed button ups.


>> photos by @dancingwithflyingcolors <<



One of my favorite spots in LA (even with traffic) is DTLA. I know that sounds a bit cliche, but my first apartment when moving out to California was in downtown, so this baby holds a special place in my heart. 

Moving out to LA with no car was hard for a little while, but also one of the most rewarding things as well. I got to take in all of the glory of downtown and teleport around with my two feet, plus public transportation. I loved roaming around the city at all hours of the day, especially taking in the scenery of all of the art deco buildings. *SWOON*

Living in downtown definitely helped me establish my "OFF DUTY" look. Whether it was running to class, heading to showrooms to pick something up for my internship at the time, or just trying to get that last coffee before I had another errand to run, I was dressed for whatever was coming my way.
The outfit in this particular post is one of my all time favorites, because it just screams "DARKMINTDAISY."
I can wear this everyday and be content for the rest of my life, not even being dramatic.

Now, every girl needs a good pair of overalls because overalls are like a girl's best friend. You can't live without them, plus you don't have to worry about finding a top and bottom to wear. (the struggle is real folks)
I've always loved pairing my overalls with some sneakers because not only are they comfortable but they help add that classic look to the overalls. Since the outfit is pretty neutral, I wanted to really make the look stand out by adding some color in there. I threw on my faux fur jacket and last but not least, I added my blue Kendall Crossbody from Fossil to the mix. Not only is the bag that perfect statement piece to any outfit but I am obsessed with the tassle details on this baby. 
And there you have it, the established DARKMINTDAISY "OFF DUTY" look.


>> photos by @dancingwithflyingcolors <<

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