Abbot Kinney is one of the most magical places in LA. There is a ton of art everywhere, the cutest restaurants and boutiques and just so much character on one street, that has you coming back to that side of town consistently. You can definitely get a ton of inspiration wandering around Abbot Kinney. Even the alleyways are a piece of art. When Ashley and I stumbled upon this "blue infested" alleyway, we couldn't get enough of it. It was just hues of blue everywhere. One of the walls even had a bright rainbow that I was obsessed with... Talk about A LOT of boomerangs made here for Instagram after we discovered this little gem. It's amazing how much beauty you could find wandering down one magical alleyway and especially exploring the streets of Abbot Kinney. 


>> photos by @dancingwithflyingcolors <<



The vibrant sun, the feeling of slurping down an iced cold lemonade while digging your feet in the warm sand on the beach and listening to the waves crash = heaven. 
Also laying out on your beach towel and chatting away with your favorite babes as the sun kisses your skin, what can be better than that? Nothing in my opinion. There's no other paradise like throwing on your favorite swimsuit and making your way down to the beach for a r&r kind of a day. Not only am I ready for another beach day this memorial weekend but I'm ready to hit the beach everyday this summer in my Faithful Strappy Monokini from

>> photos by @dancingwithflyingcolors <<



I wanted to chat a little bit about confidence and self love.
Being 23 years old and living in Los Angeles, trying to create a name for yourself in the fashion/lifestyle blogging world has taken a bittersweet toll on me mentally and physically. 
I'm sure almost everyone has felt like this in their life at one point but I wanted to share my story with you guys.

I started "darkmintdaisy" about three and a half to four years ago, and for awhile I was comparing myself to other babes in the industry. (How come I don't have enough followers as them? I've been blogging longer or no one likes my style or I need to post four times a day everyday because everyone else is doing it and etc.) All of these negative feelings start to take over your body and soul and you start to put yourself down. I wanted to get rid of my entire closet because I felt like an outsider with my outfit choices that I would upload on social media. I would scroll through endless amounts of posts on Instagram and just compare myself to others. 

Until one day, I had to snap myself out of it. I needed to stop spreading negativity in my life. Once I stopped comparing myself to others, I felt ALIVE again. I dressed however I felt whenever I felt and posted whatever I felt whenever I felt. Once you find out who you truly are and stop comparing yourself to others, it is an indescribably feeling. Do whatever you want, whenever you want. Don't let anyone stop you from your dreams and most importantly, wear whatever makes YOU feel good babe!

And speaking of wearing whatever makes you feel amazing... One of my favorite pieces in my closet right now is this graphic tee from I adore the cut out in this top and am obsessed with the fact that you can see the details of the bralette that I paired this outfit with.
Throw on some color tinted shades and ripped jeans and this outfit is EASILY one of my favorite looks, because not only do I feel confident in it but I'm feeling like a badass babe as well.  


>> photos by dancingwithflyingcolors<< 



Palm leaves, bright flowers, the ocean and the prettiest periwinkle lace romper I have ever laid eyes on = joyful Cathie. This outfit just screamed ocean goddess to me. Nothing makes me feel more at home like being near the ocean. It's the calming feeling that washes over me that I can't get enough of. When I stare out at the blue water, nothing but positive vibes radiate over me and I feel at peace. 
The five million thoughts that are running through my head and are driving me insane everyday, just wash away.
So catch me by the sea, it's where I'm the happiest. x 





Dear NYC,

With Spring finally here, the flowers are blooming and the temperatures are rising. I don't mind the warmer weather in LA but I'm also missing you and the cold.
Is it weird that I love being at airports and staying in hotels? 
It's the escape that I crave... and knowing that I will be in a different destination. It's just refreshing to get away from reality for a little bit. 
I miss the comfy hotel bed. I miss the breathtaking view of the city from the hotel room. I miss the cold walks where I had to bundle myself up like a snowman just to go get a cup of coffee next door. I miss all of the yellow taxi cabs that took over the city. I miss the chilly stroll through Central Park. I miss it all, but most importantly I miss you. 
See you soon babe.



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