I am hands down the biggest fan of Hawaiian prints. From tropical art pieces, to tropical home decor and clothing, you name it, I LOVE IT. My obsession is unhealthy at times especially when I am on Pinterest... Sorry future husband, our house will be tropical galore.

Recently, I came up with the idea of starting a #DMDHAWAII section on my blog. I wanted to share with you babes my way of styling a cool Hawaiian printed shirt! Whether it's a vintage men's shirt or womens, I'll be posting a blog every other week featuring a different button up. 
When I went thrifting with my friend Jamie the other day, we stumbled upon this men's printed button up that I immediately had to buy and that was the moment that I knew, I had to start #DMDHAWAII. 

One of my favorite places to wander to in LA is Melrose. There's so much culture, fashion and amazing art, it's definitely an area that everyone should check out. Melrose doesn't only have adorable little shops and coffee shops but the homes are beautiful as well. Every building is unique in it's own way. 

 On this chilly day, roaming the streets of Melrose, I decided to pair my shirt (let's be honest- it's a dress on me) with my favorite customized denim jacket from Live Wyld
To spice up my outfit a bit, I decided to pair my attire with the most comfortable booties from Angelina Shoetique. I don't own many nude shoes in general, but this was definitely a pair that I had to have. You can also pair these booties up with fun socks... which you'll see me on the streets in LA doing in the near future and I love that I can run around Melrose all day in these babies, with no blisters on my toes. 


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Living in a small town growing up, Los Angeles has changed me in so many ways.
One of them being, living in a fast paced environment. I mean we aren't in New York, but LA still has it's crazy city moments. 

Where do I begin? THE TRAFFIC (where you spend a majority of your life in your car), trying to fit errands in your busy schedule, squeezing in a quick coffee date with a friend or just trying to get a few hours of Netflix in every week. It's insanity. There's never enough time in the day.

If I'm out running some errands and meeting a friend on the other side of town after, I need my outfit to be versatile. With my busy schedule, I like to dress for every occasion.

One of my favorite pieces has to be the Lia Kimono from Tamga Designs. Not only are all their fabrics sustainable (made from sustainably grown trees with 99.9% of the water and solvents reused in the production process) but Tamga Designs produces their clothing ethically in small batches in Bali (MY DREAM DESTINATION) and the dyes are also eco friendly... Talk about no harsh chemicals rubbing against your skin! 
I have a huge admiration for brands that care about our environment and when you find a brand like Tamga Designs, you need everything from their website asap. 

If you're wearing a romper, dress, denim- the kimono adds a WOW factor to any outfit. The bold color and pattern is so unique that when you put this baby on, it looks like you just walked off the runway.
From shoots, to meetings, to wasting your life away in traffic and of course hitting the bar- I'll be ready for every occasion with this look. 
Even with all the chaos going on, there's nowhere I'd rather be. LA forever... until New York ;)


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I've always had a huge obsession with embroidery. It's something that can make any article of clothing or accessory unique. I remember wandering through my mom's closet as a little girl and seeing this floral embroidered jacket that I immediately had to put my hands on, and of course I got in trouble for putting on the jacket because I spilled my juice all over it (still sorry to this day mom if you're reading this). 
My mission since then has been to own as many embroidered items as I can, but I haven't had much luck yet until I stumbled upon these rose embroidered booties from Public Desire

Let me tell you, the first time I saw the photos of these booties on Instagram, I rushed onto their site and needed to buy those bad boys asap. Five minutes later and a disappointed Cathie with a glass of wine in her hand, the shoes were sold out. SOLD OUT. My heart literally shattered into a million of pieces. I know... they are just shoes but man, I felt like those booties were made for me.

A few weeks later, I eventually stopped thinking about the booties... (it was very hard). Then one day, Public Desire posted a photo saying that the rose embroidered booties that I dreamed about everyday were back in stock and let's just say it was a SPECTACULAR day. Catch me on the streets 


Romeo Rose Embroidered Ankle Boots // BUY HERE >> @PUBLICDESIRE
Tribal Ring Set Vintage // BUY HERE >>@CREAMERR.OFFICIAL

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 I love how a simple outfit could be transformed into something wonderful when adding a little color or pattern in there. With the gloomy, rainy weather in LA lately- I wanted to spread some color on the blog today. This outfit has to be one of my all time favorites that I have ever shot. Not only am I obsessed with the colors but this is the perfect outfit for any occasion and let me tell you, so comfortable that I could sleep in this attire... even the shoes.

This tie dye kimono from Bijou is heaven and I love that it is a one size fits all. It's the perfect piece of clothing that adds a WOW factor to any outfit. You can wear this kimono to the beach, on a date, when you're making a coffee run and even to a bar. Now all I want to do is wrap myself up in this beauty, get on a plane and travel the world. Take me to LAX please! 


Tie Dye Dawn Kimono // BUY HERE >> @BIJOU_THE_LABEL
Raya Ankle Boots in Black Snake Print // BUY HERE >> @PUBLICDESIRE
Dainty Bar Necklace (Silver) // BUY HERE >> @SPEECHLUSTJEWELRY
Handmade Braceletes // BUY HERE >> @LOOPSANDBEADS

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One of my favorite things about Southern California is how you can go to the beach no matter what season it is. Even if it is a little breezy, there's nothing like that tiny bit of sunlight kissing your skin through the clouds. 
Growing up near the Bay Area I never saw beach days. My 12 years of growing up there, I probably went to the beach four times. (Hard to believe because I'm at the beach 24/7 now)

I remember watching my first surf movie with my dad when I was about six years old and instantly fell in love with the ocean. 
The way it can calm your nerves when you're just sitting on the sand or even in the water, listening to the waves crash. Simple yet so peaceful. This is one of the main reasons why I moved to Southern California six years ago. I wanted to be closer to my soulmate (literally). The ocean is where I get a majority of my inspiration from... Which is why I finally got a dainty wave tattoo on the side of my wrist, because no matter where I go- the ocean will be with me.


Silence + Noise Metallic Shimmer Mesh Tee // BUY HERE >> @URBANOUTFITTERS

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With 2016 coming to an end, it feels bittersweet. So many life changing things happened this year and even though I'm sad to see the year go- I'm so ready for 2017.
Another chapter in your book to make new memories, spread even more love in the world, challenge yourself to do things that you would never do and most importantly continue to surround yourself with nothing but positivity. 
2016 is the year where I truly feel like I know who I am and what I want in life.
I learned to love myself unconditionally even my flaws and that is so important.
Don't get me wrong, it's taken a lot of self reflecting and time to get to where I am now but the journey of getting here is worth it. 
We all have imperfections and things mentally/physically that we don't like about ourselves, but when you embrace the person that you are there is nothing more beautiful. 
So love the freckles on your face, love your messy hair that you can't seem to control, love your kind soul and just in all, love who you are!


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