Falling for the Leaves 

Dark and mystical, trees everywhere and leaves all along the ground. I love finding dark trails, forests and fields to play around in. It's such a great environment, you feel one with nature. I just want to travel. I want to discover new locations and witness the beauty around the world.  I have an obsession with flannels and moto jackets, the perfect clothes to travel in. So why not pair everything I wear with a flannel? It's the perfect add on to every outfit! Forever 21 has the cutest clothes ever! The "DON'T GO WITH THE FLOW" maxi is my all time fave. A simple grey maxi dress that you can wear anywhere. Head down to Forever 21 now or go to their website and buy buy buy! You will get so many goodies. Enjoy loves!

Cathie xx

Maxi dress, flannel & shoes : Forever 21
Necklace : Pacsun



"This May Be Cheesy But I Think You're Grate" 

Happy Valentine's Day

Love is in the air and cupid is out to play today! This collaboration was done with my roommates/amazing friends! It was a blast doing this spontaneous shoot with these rad humans. We created a whole Valentine's Day/Night shoot, what to wear in the morning, during the day and at night. It was such a creative idea and so fun putting together outfits that you could wear throughout the special day. 

Let's start with the morning : Ashley, fellow blogger/bestfriend/roommate
She has the cutest blog! Check it out Dancingwithflyingcolors
She is obsessed with coffee, it's her addiction! So of course she has some fabulous pajamas on from Forever21

Then we get to the day : Erin, actress/bestie/roommate 
Miss Taylor Swift over here with her blonde wavy locks and red lipstick!
The cutest hipster outfit that you could wear anywhere especially for some brunch with your boyfriend or gal pals.

And we have night : ME
I am obsessed with this red dress from Thread Sence this dress is perfect for any date! To top it off you have to have some sophisticated pearls and a little up-do to keep it classy and romantic.

Also, I would like to give our great friend Andrew a special thanks for accompany all of us ladies on this shoot! He is the best! Andrew had a morning, day and date night outfit for each shoot. Some ideas that guys could wear on Valentine's Day, from comfy v-necks to fun button ups that you could never go wrong with.

Now let the love story begin... Time to steal your heart :) 


"Coffee is my lover" PJ'S - Forever 21

Hat - Vintage
Sunglasses - Melrose Trading Post on Melrose & Fairfax Ave
Skirt - Tobi

Red Dress - Thread Sence
Button Up - Cotton On

Can't forget the best guy in town!

My Valentines


Cathie xx


Colors in the Sky 

Spring is around the corner and I can't wait. I recently got this mint Austin dress from Jacvanek and I am in love with it! Check out her website it's so rad! This dress is perfect for any girl, from grunge to boho to girly. All you have to do is add your personal twist to it, which is why I added the elements I did. This outfit screams "darkmintdaisy" The girly floral dress and the dark elements of the kimono, choker and boots to make it grunge. I love this outfit and I hope you guys do too!

Floral Dress - Jacvanek/Jacvanek
Black Kimono - Pacsun/Pacsun
Mustard Beanie - Timeless Boutique/Timeless Boutique
Choker - Claire's/Claire's Stores



Spice Buns and All Things 

Buns in my head, Spice Girls on my mind and playing around in dirt by beautiful trees and daisies. Time has been flying by so fast and I can't believe it's already February. I get so excited taking new adventures and we happened to stumble upon this jewel the other day. This outfit and location brings out my grunge side to the max! I love the dark and cold colors of not only the clothing I'm wearing but the vibe that the location brings. 

Have a great weekend! 

Cathie xx

Jacket - UNIF/UNIF Clothing
Platform Boots - YRU/Y-R-U
Leggings - Forever 21/Forever 21
Crop Top - H&M/H&M
Choker - Claire's/Claire's Stores



Good Vibes Only 

"I am the ocean, I am the sea. There is a world inside of me."
Nothing like a warm sunny day in Malibu and exploring along El Matador Beach. Everyone knows how much I love the beach! Closing your eyes, listening to the waves crash against the rocks as your body sits or stands in a complete zen mode.
This outfit was my favorite! Rocking out in some Vans, along with my wide brimmed hat and rad clothing that I could run around it. This was the best day.

Cathie xx

Hat - Windsor StoreWindsor

Shoes - VansVans
Shorts & Graphic Tank - Urban OutfittersUrban Outfitters
Floral Button Up - Gypsy JunkiesGypsy Junkies

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