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Colors in the Sky 

Spring is around the corner and I can't wait. I recently got this mint Austin dress from Jacvanek and I am in love with it! Check out her website it's so rad! This dress is perfect for any girl, from grunge to boho to girly. All you have to do is add your personal twist to it, which is why I added the elements I did. This outfit screams "darkmintdaisy" The girly floral dress and the dark elements of the kimono, choker and boots to make it grunge. I love this outfit and I hope you guys do too!

Floral Dress - Jacvanek/Jacvanek
Black Kimono - Pacsun/Pacsun
Mustard Beanie - Timeless Boutique/Timeless Boutique
Choker - Claire's/Claire's Stores

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