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Flannels and Daisies 

Black and white flannel - Crossroads Trading
White crop top & daisy short - Brandy Melville

Life has never felt so good. Even with all the struggles going on in my life right now, I appreciate it because it has made me a stronger person. I am free, happy and I am fortunate to have the best people who love me and support no matter what.

"Then you lost your shoes as it started to rain
And your jeans soaked through but you smiled anyway, throw our hearts in the air, hearts in the air"

That song right there describes this blog post perfectly. It's called "Lightning In a Bottle" by The Summer Set. Life is amazing, who cares about tomorrow and just dance, sing, scream, be goofy, be weird, GO CRAZY. You only have one life to live so start living. Don't waste time on people who bring you down. Don't be negative, think of the positive. I believe this is my favorite blog post by far because I'm starting a whole new chapter in my life journey and I can't help but be happy! I can't wait to see what else this book has in store for me. Especially when it involves the beach with my comfy flannel, daisy shorts and crop tank. 

Always, Cathie xx

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