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The hot LA heat lately has been quite excruciating at times but I still love it. It feels like Summer is here already! It means all the Summer plans and any spontaneous plans are coming closer and closer. Spontaneity is my life and I can't wait to see what's in store. I'm one to wear graphics on any article of clothing that say something vague on them. I just love it! It screams my personality and style. No matter what day it is, any season, you will always see me wearing a quote on any of my clothes. The other day I was venturing outside my apartment just thinking about Summer and was so excited for all the things that I was going to be doing! Going to Warped Tour, concerts, beach days, road trips, buying more clothes haha and etc. 

Stay Hydrated in this heat loves!

Cathie xx

"Ain't No Wifey" Beanie - Dime Piece LA bought at Urban Outfitters
"You're So Vague" Top - Forever 21
Floral Shorts - Pacsun
Sneakers - Vans

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