If my whole closet was filled with tropical print clothing, I think my life would be set. You could wear tropical print with anything and it would look rad. Going to shops such as Wasteland and Crossroads are the best! You find so many great things for such a good price. So many rare finds. It's already hard enough for me to find shoes in my size since I have small feet but when I went to Wasteland the other day, I found these adorable booties! I'm in love. I wear them almost everyday now and I just got them haha. You know when you buy something you absolutely love and you just want to wear it all the time? Yup these shoes are them :)
Seriously if you haven't been to any of these shops, you are MISSING out. 

"Pho-Reak" Top / MNKR from Shop Wasteland
Tropical Pants / Zara
Booties / Forever 21
Sunnies / Salt Water Gypsy



 Seaside Paradise 

Anyone who knows me, knows that I am in love with the ocean. I don't know how many times I could say it but I just love the palm trees, ocean breeze, the beautiful sea and the soft sand. Growing up I have always had an interest in surfing and the whole surfing lifestyle. I mean how great is it for those surfers that get to travel the world constantly and do what they love the most? From watching surf documentaries, from going to competitions… Surfing has always won over my heart. My top is actually from Surfing Magazine, I cut it up obviously because the originally was like a dress on me! Haha. My apartment is filled with so many surfing magazines, just can't get enough of this artsy sport. I can seriously ramble on and on for days but for now I'll stop here.
Anyways, stay cool out there guys! 

White "Surfing Magazine" Top / Surfing Magazine
Bullhead Denim Shorts / Pacsun
Flannel / Pacsun
Socks / Stance Socks
Shoes / Vans
Sunnies / Rayban



Into the Blue

I love the whole denim on denim look, it's such a fun outfit to wear anytime of the day. As many of you can tell, I changed my hair a week ago. I felt like I needed a change and I love the color. Speaking of color, I admire blue, it's the color of the sky, the color of the ocean, the color of peace to me, I absolutely adore it. Recently I took a trip to Long Beach and I fell in love with all the beautiful neighborhoods, beaches and just the scenery of it all. It's so refreshing getting out of LA for just a day and adventuring around other parts of California. A whole new world, a new look and this is what this blog post is about. A little change never hurt anyone.

Denim Shirt / Pacsun
Dark Blue Denim / ShopStyle
Qupid Booties / Pacsun
Sunglasses / ZEROUV


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