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If my whole closet was filled with tropical print clothing, I think my life would be set. You could wear tropical print with anything and it would look rad. Going to shops such as Wasteland and Crossroads are the best! You find so many great things for such a good price. So many rare finds. It's already hard enough for me to find shoes in my size since I have small feet but when I went to Wasteland the other day, I found these adorable booties! I'm in love. I wear them almost everyday now and I just got them haha. You know when you buy something you absolutely love and you just want to wear it all the time? Yup these shoes are them :)
Seriously if you haven't been to any of these shops, you are MISSING out. 

"Pho-Reak" Top / MNKR from Shop Wasteland
Tropical Pants / Zara
Booties / Forever 21
Sunnies / Salt Water Gypsy

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