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Could you believe Coachella is already over? That sure flew by so fast. Dancing like a monkey to all the jams, showing off your rad style, frolicking in the desert and partying like there's no tomorrow. Thank goodness I had my MIPACHA SHOES. Those babies kept my feet so comfortable throughout the whole weekend, the shoes molded perfectly to my feet and I felt like I was in heaven. If you haven't checked out Mipacha, you should seriously go buy a few kicks from their website. They have such unique patterns that go with any outfit, they sell to girls and guys and are handmade in Peru. So be a cool kid and go grab yourself a pair ;)
To me, Coachella is like "New York Fashion Week" but in the desert. Every year I look forward to seeing what everyone is going to wear. It's just so exciting! 
Here is a look at one of my outfits from the desert. I call this look "OCEAN CHILD TAKES ON THE HEAT."  Thank you so much for all the companies that collaborated with me. You guys made Coachella even more amazing. I hope we can continue to work together in the future. 
See you in 2016 Coachella! Xx



Clasico - Navy Blue (Low Top Sneaker Aztec Print) / BUY HERE / @MIPACHASHOES
"Stay Wild" Graphic Tee / BUY HERE / @QTEESHIRTS
Arm Candy - Bracelets / BUY HERE / @ROPETHEMOON
Arm Candy - Bracelets / BUY HERE / @JEMMASANDS
Arm Candy - Bracelets / BUY HERE / @ODISYA
Black Fringe Backpack / BUY HERE / @SALSITDOTCOM


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