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It's hard waking up at 5am on a weekend. When I hear the alarm go off all I want to do is snooze about ten more times or just never wake up... But on the other side, my motivation to getting up is another early morning adventure. I always get excited and anxious for what is going to happen on our little adventure of the day.

Recently, I just got my first pair of Reefs and let me tell you, these are the BEST shoes I have ever stepped my little feet into. I feel like I'm walking on two clouds. You can wear Reefs with any outfit and it was a perfect day to wear these babies with my outfit, especially with all the climbing that we ended up doing. Talk about not only doing a photoshoot but having a morning workout as well.. *insert bicep emoji here*

This day was sure full of adventure- From hiding from a park ranger (long story) when we were climbing the huge rocks to ending up in Malibu, wandering by the blue sea. Talk about #justpassingthrough a majority of So Cal.



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