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Growing up, just like every other human being in the world, I struggled with a ton of insecurities. I wanted everyone to like me, I always wanted to be tall like a model, I didn't like the way that I looked and the list goes on. 
We should all be comfortable in our own skin. No one is perfect in this world and all of our imperfections makes us who we are today. Driving through Topanga Canyon the other day, there was a moment where I was staring out the window in the car and I was looking at my own reflection, my eyes, nose, lips, just staring at every detail in my face and I realized, I am beautiful in my own skin. I don't need to be as tall as a model, I'm perfectly fine being 4'11. My face is a blend of my parents, the people who brought me into this world and showed me that I shouldn't have to please every single person around me. Who cares if everyone you meet doesn't like you! The people that truly love and care for you will be in your life. As we continued to drive through Topanga Canyon, we stumbled upon this little field and I just had to get out of the car and run around. I had to celebrate the life that I live... The amazing people in my life that keep me going and accept that I am who I am and I wouldn't change one damn thing. x




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