The weather is finally cooling down here in Los Angeles and I couldn't be more thankful. Although it is not completely to the point where I could wear a nice leather jacket out in the day, I would take this weather any day instead of the heat wave. 
Driving on Pacific Coast Highway, we stumbled upon this little beach off the side of the road. I've always wanted to do a shoot during sunset and this was just the perfect spot. 
Getting out of the car, I felt the refreshing cold breeze on my face and I just felt so happy in that moment. Staring out at the blue ocean with the cotton candy sky above, I couldn't help but take so many photos on my phone just to capture the moment. 
Wearing this bohemian dress by Artists Cloth was the perfect piece for this shoot. The colors, the fit, everything about this day was amazing. It was definitely one for the books. x

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Could you believe it's already October? Where has the time gone?! Reflecting back on this year, I would just like to say WOW... what a journey and 2015 isn't even over yet. 
So many "firsts" has happened to me this year. My first time going to New York,  attending NYFW, going to Mexico and so on. I've also met some amazing human beings, some I now consider my best friends. Along with friendships, I've started collaborating with a handful of companies that I just adore and look up to so much! 
I can say that I am one happy, blessed girl and in a few days I'll be 22... and I can't wait to see what life has in store for me, but we all know one thing that will never change- I'll always be an ocean child.



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