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Where has the time gone? It is almost the end of January and my head is spinning. This year is going to fly with a blink of an eye.This year, as cliche as it sounds, I dedicate myself to traveling. I want to challenge my mind and explore the world. Open my eyes to new surroundings, new food, new culture. I just want to pack one suitcase full of clothes.. AKA (graphic tees, jeans, cool jackets, hats and socks) along with my Reefs and go to LAX and buy a plane ticket to anywhere. Close my eyes and point to a flight that is about to take off and just purchase the ticket. I just want to risk it all and do it, I want to scare myself with new opportunities. You never know what you can gain from those experiences. 

Shooting in the sand dunes in this blog post just made me want to get into the car and drive straight to the airport. I felt like I was in Egypt for a second, running along all the sand with nothing around me.. My soul was at peace and the whole time I was shooting all I could think was, "WOW if there are beautiful places like this in California, who knows what other little gems you could find around the world!" And on that very day, I made a vow to myself for 2016 and that was to travel the world. 


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