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Currently, I am sitting in LAX typing away and it got me thinking- I actually love being at airports. I know that sounds a bit strange because some people despise being at this place but it's one of my favorite places to be. I mean don't get me wrong, security could sometimes get annoying and waiting in those long baggage lines but I think it's worth it because in just a few hours you will be on that plane going to ANYWHERE. 

I can't be stuck in one location. I need to wander, roam, travel and SEE the world. 
My heart and soul yearns for new destinations that I have never been to before. 
I want to meet new people and ask them about their lives. I want to try new foods. I want to learn and be influenced by different cultures. 

All I need is my reefs, a cute outfit and a plane ticket and I am ready to go.






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For any girl, finding the "perfect" makeup for yourself is quite tricky. There is so many different brands out there to try. How do you simply pick one?
If you are like me, I normally just go to a drug store and buy the first thing that I see.

Recently I stumbled upon So Choix  - which I believe should be every girl's go to makeup website!
Sometimes I don't feel like spending hours in the store testing out makeup, having the sales associates chat my ears off (no offense) and just leaving the house in general.
Now I don't have to go to the store to buy makeup every single time because I can go on So Choix and order my everyday makeup products. And one of the BEST parts about this website is you can order samples of the products that you want to test out as well.
Thank you So Choix for being my new addiction.

Monthly Subscription - $15/month
Without Subscription - $5 per sample






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Summer is upon is my friends and with that, it's time to hit the beach. Jump in your car with a few of your friends and drive.
Blast your current jams, roll down the windows and go wild.

And that's exactly what we did on the first day of Summer. We sang, danced and let out contagious laughs in the car while coasting on PCH to the ocean in our favorite bikinis.




ep7.jpg (1600×870)

Coffee, coffee and more coffee. For any coffee lovers out there, we all know that there are endless amounts of coffee shops to try. Why not go out of your comfort zone and try something other than Starbucks?
After living in LA for 5-6 years, Ashley and I wanted to make a little coffee shop video for you all since we have a HUGE bucket list of coffee shops that we have always wanted to try here in Los Angeles.
We hope to inspire all of you to go out there and try something new!

Watch, like, share and subscribe guys! 

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