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 LET'S KICK IT... Back to school.

It's that time of the year again, the first day back at school. The first impression that you make on your fellow classmates upcoming the new year. When I was still in school (now a college graduate- woo!) I always wanted the perfect outfit for the first day/after school hangouts with my friends. I would stress out for weeks, go to the mall almost everyday, dye my hair almost every color you could think of... LITERALLY, you name it- I probably did it. But looking back at my outfits from high school now, makes myself cringe. What was I thinking?
If I had my closet that I do now, my back to school outfit would be the one below. 
Reef shoes, Reef clothing. Reef EVERYTHING. Stay comfy yet fashionable and rule the new year with your best friend! 

And make sure to watch our #ReefCampusKit Youtube video below!



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>> Photos by Jarell Alberto<<


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