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CUE "The City" intro...
One of the best feelings is strutting around Downtown, in a chic get up with no care in the world. Even though I am a passionate lover of the ocean, there's something about The City that sparks my soul. The gigantic buildings, the yellow taxis driving around, the people racing to work and the high energy that you could just feel when you step outside. I enjoy the fast pace of life. 

Shooting in Downtown Cincinnati was exciting! I have never been to Ohio before and I instantly fell in love with this place. There's many colorful buildings around Downtown and the friendliest people. To top the trip off, we stayed at the most intriguing hotel that I have ever been too... 21C Museum Hotel. The inside of the hotel was basically an art museum and they have the cutest rooftop bar. *ding ding, WINNER* To see what other shenanigans we got into, watch our Travel Diaries - Cincinnati Youtube video below!



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>> Photos by @dancingwithflyingcolors <<

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