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Happy Wednesday loves! I'm currently sipping on some warm black coffee and just feeling like the happiest human this morning. We are finally in the middle of the week and now the countdown to the weekend BEGINS. As some of you may not know, I work a full time job aside from blogging- Typical 9-6 (Monday to Friday) for a music audio company. Gotta pay rent, bills and student loans somehow! 
I always look forward to the weekend because it gives me endless amount of hours to work on blogging and creating the best content that I can. Also, it's the few days out of the week where I can just roam anywhere and have some silly fun. Don't get me wrong, I try to have a bit of fun after work but once the clock hits 6, my body needs to be in bed by 8. What 23 year old goes to bed that early? Anyone else besides me? One day I hope to do what I love everyday which is blog, but for now I'm working hard and playing harder.. at least on the weekends.



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