One of my all time favorite accessories to wear throughout the year is my captain fiddler caps. There's something vintage and classic about this certain cap that just adds to an outfit. My goal is to get every single color that is out there. 
Wearing my leather skirt, striped top and fiddler cap, I felt like I should've been wandering the streets of France, sitting down at a local cafe with my espresso and people watching. There is no doubt that wherever I travel, these caps will always be with me. 



Black Fiddler Cap // BUY HERE >> @BRIXTONWOMENS

>> photos by @jaythelim <<




I have always been a huge fan of denim jackets. There's something classic about those loose fitted jackets that I just adore. You can pair them with any outfit and it just completes the look. White tees, dresses, rompers, you name it- anything goes with the jacket. For many years now I've been searching for the perfect denim jacket (well for me at least)... Tons of thrift shops later and still nothing. They were either too big for me, too short or just too tight for my liking. 

Until this year on October 10th (my birthday) I received a hand painted denim jacket from Ashley. *And the best friend away goes to...*
 I felt like a little kid on Christmas! Not only was the denim jacket an amazing fit but it had my favorite song painted on it along with my crazy obsession with palm trees. So catch me on the streets of Los Angeles, drinking coffee, dancing my way to another adventure and being a weirdo in this denim jacket. 


Highly suggest if you want a custom denim jacket to message Ash. 
Link to her Instagram here >> @dancingwithflyingcolors

>> photos by @jaythelim <<

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