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I've always had a huge obsession with embroidery. It's something that can make any article of clothing or accessory unique. I remember wandering through my mom's closet as a little girl and seeing this floral embroidered jacket that I immediately had to put my hands on, and of course I got in trouble for putting on the jacket because I spilled my juice all over it (still sorry to this day mom if you're reading this). 
My mission since then has been to own as many embroidered items as I can, but I haven't had much luck yet until I stumbled upon these rose embroidered booties from Public Desire

Let me tell you, the first time I saw the photos of these booties on Instagram, I rushed onto their site and needed to buy those bad boys asap. Five minutes later and a disappointed Cathie with a glass of wine in her hand, the shoes were sold out. SOLD OUT. My heart literally shattered into a million of pieces. I know... they are just shoes but man, I felt like those booties were made for me.

A few weeks later, I eventually stopped thinking about the booties... (it was very hard). Then one day, Public Desire posted a photo saying that the rose embroidered booties that I dreamed about everyday were back in stock and let's just say it was a SPECTACULAR day. Catch me on the streets 


Romeo Rose Embroidered Ankle Boots // BUY HERE >> @PUBLICDESIRE
Tribal Ring Set Vintage // BUY HERE >>@CREAMERR.OFFICIAL

>> photos by @dancingwithflyingcolors <<

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