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Being a petite human, it's difficult to find any maxi dresses that fit my height perfectly. The struggle is so real guys... But when I got this Splendour Dress from Seven Wonders, I felt like all the Gods have been answering my prayers because I didn't have to wear any extravagant tall heels with this baby. #blessed.

When wandering around the streets of New York, you want your feet to be as comfortable as possible and I can't stress this enough. I remember the first time I went to New York a few years ago, I made the horrible decision to wear some tall booties when adventuring around the city. Let me tell you, never ending blisters. Learn from my mistakes guys. 
If you ever need to wear some fancy shoes to an event or just another bar outing, place those babies in your purse and wear your sneakers until you get to your destination. My Maya Hobo purse from Fossil saved my life on my recent New York trip. It was the perfect size to fit my booties in, along with my camera and the perfect pop of color to go with my outfit. 

Before I headed for another day out on the town, I threw on my sunnies from Modern Gypsy and then I was finally ready to strut around the city like it was my runway. 



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