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Another trip to New York, another longing moment to stay forever. I don't know if the city air is filled with a secret potion but every time I make a trip out there, I NEVER want to come back to LA. 
Taking another red eye out to the east coast, I couldn't even sleep on the plane because I was so excited to land and get ready to explore! We stayed in the Lower East Side this time and I immediately fell in love with the area. There's just so much character and colorful vibes in this part of the city... And not to mention super mellow, not as crazy and tourist filled.

Despite it being around 30 degrees (freezing my ass off) we stumbled upon this chic AF basketball court while walking to Soho. Nothing screamed the beauty in New York like this location. I felt like such a badass running around the court in my Seven Wonders Magnolia Kimono and Shorts, Death Metal Sunnies from Modern Gypsy and rad rings from
Forget the basketball court, I was feeling CHIC AF. If I could roam around the streets of New York in this outfit, with the cold weather, I knew I could take on the city like a pro. 


>> photos by @dancingwithflyingcolors <<


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