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If you have looked at my Instagram recently, you most likely saw that Ashley (@dancingwithflyingcolors) and I took a trip to BALI, INDONESIA. Our number one dream destination since we were both kids. Now that's what you call a unique, type of "friendship goals" because how many friends do you meet in the world have the same dream destination as you?! 

Venturing off to Bali was the best two and half weeks of my life. So many life changing memories were definitely made there that I will never forget. 

Whenever you are packing for any vacation, you need the perfect bag that you can explore with. A bag that you can take to the market, to the beach and definitely one where the monkeys in Bali won't snatch it from you. (Fact: THIS DOES HAPPEN AT THE MONKEY FOREST). 
That is why we were beyond thrilled to partner up with Hobo Bags because their bags were perfect to take everywhere. 
With the Blaze Bucket Backpack, I was able to fit my camera, wallet, sunscreen and another dress to change in. Talk about a lifesaver of a backpack. And the Fern Crossbody was the perfect purse to take to the beach or just for a day of exploring the rice terrace. Looks may be deceiving but, that baby could fit so many things in there. I felt like I was carrying around Mary Poppins iconic bag.

From surfing for the first time to running around the rice terrace in Ubud, it was a beyond magical trip. See you soon Bali, I will be back. x



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