On an average Cathie day, I love to run around the city and explore what Los Angeles has to offer.
Even after living here for 7 years, there's still so much to see! One of my favorite areas is Santa Monica/Venice. There's so much culture in that area. The art, the food, the people and you can't forget the beach, especially the iconic sunsets.
*insert indie film here*

Nygard Slims are the perfect denim jeggings to run around town in. They have a stretchy waistband which is A+++ in my book especially after eating a hefty burrito. (Raise your hand if you have a burrito at least once a week). And they are also super comfortable and easy to style.
I'm a huge denim girl. I love wearing my crop tops, printed button ups and tie tops so I can't help but gravitate towards denim whenever I'm picking out my outfit for the day.



The first tropical adventure of 2018 was Costa Rica! 
It's a destination that I've never been to before so we were excited for this trip. And when I say we, I mean Ashley @dancingwithflyingcolors and I.

Even though we were going during green season (when it tends to rain) we knew nothing would stop us from having the time of our lives.
When packing for a trip like Costa Rica, where it's 100% humid- it was easy to decide what clothes to bring since we were restricted to only packing a carry on suitcase.
Anything light weight such as dresses, yoga gear for whenever you wanted to get into a little yoga action during sunrise, a light sweater to keep you warm when sleeping at night in the glorious AC, shorts, endless amounts of bikinis and etc.
 Shout out to Life Clothing Co for getting us ready for this trip. 
They have the best selection of clothing for any adventure and there's nothing I love more than tropical prints!

5 days later in the tropics, we discovered so many beautiful beaches, witnessed some epic sunrises/sunrises, stumbled upon many colorful building structures which I wish we had more of in LA, met the sweetest souls and established lifelong friendships.
Costa Rica, we will definitely be back.

CLOTHING // Life Clothing Co

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