On an average Cathie day, I love to run around the city and explore what Los Angeles has to offer.
Even after living here for 7 years, there's still so much to see! One of my favorite areas is Santa Monica/Venice. There's so much culture in that area. The art, the food, the people and you can't forget the beach, especially the iconic sunsets.
*insert indie film here*

Nygard Slims are the perfect denim jeggings to run around town in. They have a stretchy waistband which is A+++ in my book especially after eating a hefty burrito. (Raise your hand if you have a burrito at least once a week). And they are also super comfortable and easy to style.
I'm a huge denim girl. I love wearing my crop tops, printed button ups and tie tops so I can't help but gravitate towards denim whenever I'm picking out my outfit for the day.


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